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The Chiiri Yogurt Origin

Simple is best!

Chiiri Yogurt has a storied history dating back more than 1000 years, when ancient inhabitants of the Sahel region in Africa hawk fermented milk products in characteristic beautifully decorated calabashes balanced on their heads.

Latchiiri -a mildly sour-tasting yogurt is Africa’s heritage, and is still considered the best of all dairy products currently available.  Nothing tastes quite like it. It is made from fermenting milk into yoghurt and eaten with millet, sorghum, corn or couscous, either in the same bowl or separately. It is very satiating and keeps you feeling full and energized for the whole day. In West Africa, the yogurt is served only on special occasions and to VIP guests. This is very special!

Chiiri Yogurt is Africa’s finest; made with the authentic Latchiiri recipe, the only yogurt that is a unique and innovative crossover of dairy, plant-based, gut-healthy fermented food, western and ethnic-style food. Chiiri yogurt is high in protein (a combination of milk & couscous), rich in probiotics (live & active cultures), high in calcium, low in sugar, and derived from whole milk. Chiiri’s live, active cultures help control harmful germs, improve digestive health, increase nutrient absorption, and bolster immunity. It tastes so good and is so good for you. Chiiri yogurt is praised for its rich, creamy taste and healthfulness. Its tartness denotes low sugar (lactose), which helps prevents spoilage.

If you are transitioning to plant-based dairy alternatives, Chiiri yogurt supplements your transition into those plant-based alternatives. It is 40% dairy and 60% plant-based. Chiiri yogurt’s richness in protein, probiotics, and calcium helps you achieve these nutrients which are commonly deficient in a plant-based diet.


Chiiri yogurt is described as the perfect choice for the health conscious consumer, the active, the hungry, and for on-the-go snack!

Our ultimate goal we are working on right now in the certification process is to have all ingredients in Chiiri Yogurt be certified organics, which prohibits antibiotics, hormones, toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Choosing Chiiri yogurt contributes to a cleaner, safer earth and healthier people.

How & Why We Started Making Chiiri Yogurt

It's what's on the inside that counts

A quest to find the perfect dairy option for our picky son led us back to our roots. We use fresh organic milk to make a century old African yogurt.

Kids are most vulnerable to toxic runoff and poor nutrition from industrial farming, which has been linked to learning deficits, autism and cancer.

When Tony (our son pictured above) was a toddler, he couldn’t eat anything other than drinking milk. We took him to dietitians/nutritionists but couldn’t find help for him.

We discussed the issue with Grandma in Sierra Leone, who suggested we introduce him to the local ethnic
savory (commonly known as latchiiri).

We tried to find something similar but there is nothing available in the market.

With research and experimentation, we put together a recipe that is perfectly similar to the savory local dainty.

And Grandma was right, Tony likes it. He is happy. So, we called it the Happy Milk!

Since 2013, we’ve been making Happy Milk just for Tony. We never explore further. Until after an evening workout one weekend, I couldn't find anything I wanted to eat that was nutrition packed, filling, delicious and a fast all-in-one.

I tried one cup of Tony's Happy Milk. I added strawberries, and it was the "Aha Moment" - a completely new experience. Chiiri yogurt was born!

Over the years, we've called the product different names - Basse, Happy Milk, Makarina etc. Now we call it CHIIRI - inspired by the smiling coasts of West Africa, it's happy and friendly people. Chiiri is also a shorter version of Latchiiri - fun and cheery.

We started making Chiiri yogurt in different flavours in our own kitchen and they have been a hit with friends, family and people in our community.

Bottom line is, everyone has been going through their Chiiri yogurt cups faster than we can keep up. 

Join us let's create a food revolution with creative ingredients!


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